– visual artist/painting, installation, photography, scenography,  performance /

-founder and Artistic Director of Art Color Ballet

-dancer, choreographer, creator of artistic projects for ballet performances

– pioneer of bodypainting art in Poland

–       Masters Degree in Art (specialising in painting at the studio of Prof. Piotr Jargusz) at Akademia Pedagogiczna in Krakow.

–       Modern Ballet Dancer A.G.H 1990-1997.

–        Dance workshop instructor in The Krakow Cultural Centre (Środmiejski OŚrodek Kultury) 1998-2005.

–       Since 2005 organiser of dance and bodypainting workshops at Rynek Glowny 34 (34 The Main Square) in Krakow.

–       Since 2000 a member of the musical theatre “MW2” with Prof. Adam Kaczynskiego (as dancer, actress and choreographer).

–       Since 2002 member of the Association of World Bodypainting Festival, Seeboden Austria.


1st place (Floro effect category 2007/2008/2009)

3rd place (Sponge and brush category 2003)

5st place (Special effect category 2009)

–       Bodypainting lecturer at The Krakow School of make-up


–       Art Color Ballet performances (choreography, scenography and direction).

–       Organization of artistic events; galas, concerts and TV programmes.

–       Project work including running over 80 photographic sessions in co-operation with photographer Waclaw Wantuch (Art Color Ballet Gallery).

–       The company’s photographic exhibition “Score on Body and Movement” NCK 2005, Klub pod Jaszczurami, The Institute of art 2005 and The Company’s 10th anniversary at NCK 2008.

–      Costume projects and scenography for Art Color Ballet performances.

–      Execution of choreography at “Baltycki Teatr Dramatyczny” for Gabriel Garcia Marguez’s first play in Poland, “Of Love and Other Demons”, in Koszalin (2004).

–      designer of bodypainting to the film “Roman Triptych” directed by Marek Luzar 2005.

 –  costume projects, scenography and choreography to Rock Opera
“Teutonic  Knights” 2010.

 –   “The Slavic Prelude” producer, choreographer, project designer 2013.

  • art director project with  fundacion Art Color Ballet, Theatre Poland 2016/preformance Slavic Prelude and wokshop  Film>>

–  filmu “Cykle” II place/Festival Sound & Film Festival  2013

– autor body art installation Wianki 2017

– Choreographer, Stage Director, Visual Designer: “Kryptonim 27” 2016

– Barwy Muzyki podczas III Międzynarodowego Festiwalu im Krzysztofa Pendereckiego chor. Agnieszka Glińska

– wokrshop BODY ART /Centrum Sztuki Mościce zobacz film>>

– Kryptonim 27 spektakl inspirarion Zdzisław Beksiński film>> info>>

– Ceremonia otwarcia Targów Hannover Mese 2016 gallery>>

– Alchemy of light Katowice 2017

– Alchemy of light Wawel Castel 2018 gallery>>

– Amber Tree ,NCK Kraków 2018 gallery>>

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