In 1998, Agnieszka Glińska, fascinated with dance, music and painting, founded the Art Color Ballet ensemble in Kraków. Its first show was a form of performance experiment combining bodypainting, live music and dance. Enormous interest in this new art form led to the creation of the first dance ensemble in Poland to utilize bodypainting in its shows. Original compositions of choreography, stage design, music and body makeup create a show of painting come to life. The ensemble is comprised of professional dancers, enthusiasts of dance and painting art, performance artists, acrobats, musicians, visual artists and makeup artists. Thanks to the combination of so many means of artistic expression, the ensemble has worked out a new way of expression. The ensemble’s experience comprises hundreds of shows, choreographic etudes and demonstrations.


–       Art Color Ballet performances (choreography, scenography and direction).

–       Organization of artistic events; galas, concerts and TV programmes.

–       Project work including running over 80 photographic sessions in co-operation with photographer Waclaw Wantuch (Art Color Ballet Gallery).

–       The company’s photographic exhibition “Score on Body and Movement” NCK 2005, Klub pod Jaszczurami, The Institute of art 2005 and The Company’s 10th anniversary at NCK 2008.

–      Costume projects and scenography for Art Color Ballet performances. gallery>>

–      Execution of choreography at “Baltycki Teatr Dramatyczny” for Gabriel Garcia Marguez’s first play in Poland, “Of Love and Other Demons”, in Koszalin (2004).

–      designer of bodypainting to the film “Roman Triptych” directed by Marek Luzar 2005.

–  costume projects, scenography and choreography to Rock Opera“Teutonic  Knights” 2010.

–   “The Slavic Prelude” producer, choreographer, project designer 2013  film>>

– project with  fundacion Art Color Ballet, Theatre Poland 2016/preformance Slavic Prelude and body art wokshop  Film>>

–  filmu “Cykle” II place/Festival Sound & Film Festival  2013 film>>

–  body art installation Wianki 2017 film>>

–  “Kryptonim 27” 2016 film>>

– Colour of music podczas III International Festival Krzysztof Penderecki choreography: Agnieszka Glińska  gallery>>

– wokrshop BODY ART 2015 /Centrum Sztuki Mościce   film>>

Alchemy of light 2015 Wawel Castel  film>>

– Kryptonim 27 A musical performance inspired by the œuvre of Zdzisław Beksiński film>>

– Performance for  Hannover Messe 2016  gallery>>

– Alchemy of light Katowice 2017  film>>

– Alchemy of light, Wawel Castel 2018 gallery>>

– Amber Tree , NCK Kraków 2018 gallery>>

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